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ThinPrep Non Gynae

ThinPrep®Non-Gyn Test

Screenlink remains committed to providing laboratories with innovative and effective cytology solutions, such as the ThinPrep® Non-Gyn test, which has been used in laboratories around the world for more than 15 years.

The Thin-Prep® Non-Gyn test offers a standardized specimen preparation method for a variety of cytologic specimens — the slides are easier and less time-consuming to screen and interpret,1 supporting lab efficiency and business growth.

One slide provides a complete picture 

The ThinPrep® Non-Gyn test combines quality and efficiency; one instrument can standardize your slide preparation for all non-gyn cases. The test produces a single, well-preserved representative slide per case using standardized processing. This decreases screening time per slide to support your combined goals of quality and efficiency, ultimately helping your lab take on new business and continue to grow.

The ThinPrep® Non-Gyn test delivers:

Greater clarity and detail2:

  • Well-preserved cells, ensuring specimen integrity.
  • Reduced clumping and overlapping with minimal background debris, enhancing microscopic examination.
  • Uniform distribution of cells presented on a clear background, revealing important details.

Representative sampling and enhanced presentation for reduced screening time:

  • One well-preserved slide, representative of the entire patient sample.
  • Cells limited to a smaller 20 mm diameter, providing a concentrated screening area.



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